Why You Need Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

We all hear a lot about Lean six Sigma and its benefits. But what exactly is this Lean Six Sigma?  To begin with Lean and Six Sigma are two different methods that has been combined together to gain maximum benefits in a business. Six Sigma uses data and statistical analysis to measure business’s performance. It uses measured methodologies for eliminating process variation through the use of problem solving approach. Lean concept is focused on eliminating waste and the improvement of process flows. It focuses on eliminating bottlenecks, reduce cost and time, and eliminate wastes like overproduction, waiting time and over processing. But Lean does not focus on quality and error. Six Sigma emphasizes on reducing the number of errors in a process. That is why for complete success and growth a hybrid approach that combines both lean and six sigma are needed.

Lean Six Sigma offers three skill sets- Yellow Belt , Green Belt and Black Belt. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training is the most popular and beneficial certification for professionals from various industries. It teaches you everything about define-measure-analyze-improve-control (DMAIC) methodology using case studies from various organizations. You learn to outline improvement projects to satisfy the customer, pin-point errors, reduce variation and improve bottom line.

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training focuses on fashioning a mindset and a complete cultural shift that eliminates wastage of time and resources. It replaces the age old traditional practices in an organization with a set of tools that focuses on process improvement and data driven measure of quality that strives for near perfection. It is a systematic, data-driven method for eliminating defects.

If you do your certification from a reputed Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Coaching Institute, it will provide you with a thorough understanding of all the tools and techniques needed to understand the defects and bring about process improvement and variation reduction. Getting a Green Belt Certification is  not easy; you need to understand and implement the concepts well to actually bring about changes.  Lean Six Sigma cannot be learnt in a classroom you need practical examples to have a deeper understanding and remember all the concepts. Find a trainer who will actually teach the tools with the help of  case studies and simulations, this helps you in understanding the concepts better.

A Six Sigma Green Belt Training Institute with Live Projects is the best place to undertake Lean Six Sigma training. A Green Belt certification will help you in the following way:

  • Individuals with Six Sigma Green Belt training have the ability to solve process problems and pin point errors.
  • This certification allows an individual to gain knowledge on business process improvements
  • They have the ability to improve the quality of deliverable, increase customer satisfaction and reduce cost.
  • Six Sigma Green Belt accelerates and broadens career opportunities

Lean Six Sigma is a very niche program. Don’t do it only for the certification, it does not add much value you to you. You need to learn the tools well.  You can get the certification and be absolutely correct about the theory but if there is no change in the work attitude the certification won’t matter.


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