Become a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt professional

Getting a certification of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt can offer huge benefits to your career. All six sigma levels are greatly popular in different industries whether be it manufacturing or service, but black belt holders are the leaders and masters when it comes to implementation of six sigma methodologies and gaining success.

There are various institutes and centers that offer online and offline Lean Six Sigma Black Belt coaching in Bangalore. It is always better to take an offline coaching as traditional classrooms gives you the ability learn with a group of individuals from various fields and get more exposure. The information you are taught is done in an environment that is conducive to learning and you can also work on live projects.

Who is an Ideal Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Candidate?

To take up the coaching for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification exam a candidate must have in depth knowledge and ability to apply the basic Six Sigma processes to improve business function.  Even if he/she is not Green Belt certified it is mandatory to have a thorough understanding of all aspects of DMAIC model and basic knowledge of Lean concepts.

The study material of Black Belt Six Sigma is based upon the learnings and concepts that are usually taught at Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Six Sigma. It is expected that the Black Belt level students are able to understand the DMAIC model in accordance with Six Sigma principles and are capable of performing a number of complex process-related calculations. They also must already know to identify, address and correct a problem in the business process.  Training of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt focuses on development of leadership and managerial skills.  The Black Belt professionals are trained in a way so that they have a greater understanding of the Lean and Six Sigma principles and are able to apply that knowledge to improve business and competitiveness in a larger scale.

How to be a successful Black Belt Professional?

Once you have completed the black belt coaching and earned the certificate it is very important to commit to ongoing upgradation and education. A Black Belt leader must be able to coach and guide the Green belt professionals at every step. They are trained in analytics and are experts in implementation of the lean and six sigma process across the organization at all levels effectively.

It is very important that before going on for the black belt training you have some work experience along with a completed live project dealing with sigma principles.

The Six Sigma Black Belt certification examination is a four-hour 150 multiple-choice question examination. To clear this exam and become a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt holder you need training. In Bangalore it is best if you join one of the Best Black Belt Coaching in Bangalore and get coached from qualified and experienced trainers. After black belt certification is completed, the professional demonstrates team leadership, understand team dynamics and assign team member roles and responsibilities during the project.


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